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Background in web interface design (with understanding and application of user experience design). Up-to-date on Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Working knowledge of Axure, Depending on the project, often adapting to various web developing approaches coding/coordinating/managing usually a flexible development workflow (GitHub/Sublime/cloud web hosting, Bluehost, HostGater, AWS, etc.) using languages HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, etc. Whether it is utilizing Bootstrap library, Emmet tools for developers, an existing HTML web template or a web CMS such as, WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace®, etc. experience has been attained. Also familiar with the various product industries, such as for selling art and music along with event calendar packages with customizable website templates created to work with various tools often simplifying hosting for any user to set up for a monthly but usually include a unique URL. Also now there is Sketch, *Note to check that out! More solutions for creating sites for all different purposes and techniques, distribute products, or market yourself, etc. I can help you navigate your project as a consultant or open to join your team or company.

Experienced with digital marketing (Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, Google Web Developers, Google Business, Google AdWords), email marketing newsletters design/coding/testing (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Emma, etc.), Landing Pages, Banner Ads, Info Graphics. Visual design/digital graphics production, including animated GIFs!

Make it simple, but significant.

–Don Draper

Digital Design

There are design basics and techniques but the production and execution methods are forever changing and understanding the basic techniques and art behind it, learning whatever automation will bring including how to automate will be the advantage to having any expertise in this field. Keeping up interest and being in the know as a personal practice is the way it is.

Web Development

Many sites are built differently and sometimes in more ways than one with the technology that comes and goes. Whether custom or template based; patience, knowledge, problem solving skills and an open mind is a functional necessity. Many situations will fix when updating with all new secure/compatible services, however, having an individual to be educated on these changing technologies is required to manage, communicate and update these situations as they occur and is also a great alternative if things are built properly and, of course, understood by someone other than the original designer/developer.

Creative Strategy

The research stage gathers the knowledge to approach solutions for the problem being solved. It is vital to the end result of the completed project. Planning greatly increases productivity and should set a timeline to assure quality and timeliness. Design is where all of the research, planning and ideas come together to broadcast a message or sell a product and assist in creating a good user experience.

  • Responsive Design

    Every project is built for accessibility across all media devices.

    From my analytics experience visits are often split on average 50/50 for mobile vs. desktop visits, however, ever increasing more in mobile.

    Don't leave out 50% of your audience, not including your other mobile media audiences, i.e. social and other linked responsive mobile ready sites.

    Careful the most important content should be showing once testing on a mobile device. Be sure each visit has the chance to have the same experience and access to the most important information.

  • Development

    Understanding different products and services is to understand what problem(s) they solve, how they work and accomplish that better than the alternative. Then of course how they will be built to follow through on the road to completion, convenience of use and quality.

    That said, if it is time for to embrace new tools, skills or marketing automation, learn how it works and see if it works for you. It can help to save time keeping customers engaged, so you can learn, perhaps spending time improving something else.


  • Hollywood Bowl Performances Magazine

    To create a responsive mobile friendly website for advertisers to quickly learn, contact and get information they need to advertise in the programs for various theater venues.

    Autry Museum of the American West

    To work with an agency to change from and older Joomla CMS website to a new Drupal CMS cloud website hosted with Acquia. Required complete content review and site reorganization. Requirements for anticipating needs for general event programming as well as special annual events and exhibition calendar. Much went into the recreation of this website for the museum as well as it's web properties.

    Mike Kessler Writer+

    To create a central online showcase of award winning journalist writer's work. Site created was an update to what the client had previously. This one is now responsive and accessible on various devices. Now updated by client.


    Website needed for product launch, distribution and further investment.


    LEED certified builder and designer looking for a company presence with an interactive way to explore the floor plans of projects besides dowloading a pdf.


    To create a responsive mobile friendly landing page with a quick, clean introduction to the business and forms to collect information for targeting personal information to potential investors and customers. Site now being updated by client.

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